Prayer of Protection

CD Medicine of Voice


2003 «Eliette von Karajan Cultural Fond“, Recognition for „artistic understanding, which with Orna Ralston is profoundly professional and has a very spezial quality».

Omanut Award

The song „b.b.“ from Orna Ralston was handed over together with a picture from Pirsoka Szönye to his Holiness the Dalai Lama by the International Society for Human Rights (IGFM).  His Holiness thanked the artist with the following words: «Melody and words express not only pain, but also hope: pain that the suffering in this world is getting dominant over and over again. Hope that in the peaceful fight for preservation

Earth Song

La petite Princesse

CD A Shamans Jounrney

CD Something to Touch

1. Prayer of Peace 6:24

3. For You Are With Me 3.57

4. Blessing 11.:58

5. Prayer of Protection 7:16

2. Invocation of the Archangels 4:06

6. Daily Prayer5:50

7. Yearning11:24

8. Amen 10:27

1.  Earth Song

2.  Phoenix Trough The Ashes

3.  Wise Woman

4.  Calling

5.  Skinwalker

6.  Silversun

7.  Ruah

8.  Quadschu

9.  On The Other Side Of Here

10.Talking Stones

1. I Wonder 4:13

2. La Petite Princesse 4:52

3. Lift to Heaven 2.47

4. Who Does Really Care? 4:47

5. For Safety Reasons 4:22

6. B.B.2:51

7. The Beggar 4:12

8. Home to Home 4:37

9. Phonecall 4:07

10. Change 4:37

11. Grains of Sand 2:51

12. Lullaby 3:52